Need help converting/creating car/tile mods!

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Need help converting/creating car/tile mods!

Postby HazewinDog » 22.12.2016, 13:46

Hello... I started learning how to use Blender and how to convert cars and create tiles for Crashday (which is going really well), but I have some issues I can't figure out, and noone can help me with.

Hopefully there is a Crashday modder lurking around here that can help me out, because these are Crashday-specific issues.

Here's the issue I have with this amazing Boxster model I converted. Literally all I have to do before I can release is is fixing the damn shaders:

Then, for both cars and tiles, how do I keep smoothing if I perform for instance the P-command in edit mode, to seperate a mesh into two meshes? In Blender everything retains its smoothing, but if I export the model to Crashday *AFTER* doing this, there is no smoothing. if I do it before, there is. Similarly, how can you *ADD* smoothing if the model doesn't have it? Simply adding Smoothing in Blender does not appear to work.

Thirdly, for tiles, how can I stop them from appearing transparent-like? It seems to randomly happen because I solved it without seemingly having done anything to fix it. The strange thing is that not all of the instances of the tile I placed were transpartent, but they were all untextured.

Thanks. Also if you can't help but know someone who can help please let me know. I have a lot of time and ideas (time mostly for 2 weeks because of holidays) that I can only put to use if someone can help me out. If not I will probably have to focus on Assetto Corsa mods instead.

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