[WIP] KiNetFighters in development

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[WIP] KiNetFighters in development

Postby Francodi » 26.08.2012, 19:11

Hello everyone!

So... yeah. Today I want to introduce a project I am working on at the moment. The game is called "KiNetFighters" (Kinect Network Fighters) and is a 3d based multiplayer fighting game. As the title says, it's under development - and it's our first 3d game. The game is just a part of our project for school (a final year project), the main part is a Kinect framework for "Virtual Reality". But that's not interesting in here.
So our team isn't huge, we are just 2 people - my class mate FG, who is modelling (level, objects, players) and creating sounds (and he will also cover some coding later), and me, who is just coding on this project (especially the game engine and Kinect stuff).

So as the title says, our game is using the Kinect. This means your body is the full controller (if you don't know about the Kinect check out some videos on YouTube, there are plenty of) and as we are talking about multiplayer - you will be able to fight against other players like in StreetFighters (and maybe up to 4 players!). This is a completly new feeling of gaming and it also provides some fitness :mrgreen:. Anyway, this game will play in several 3d levels and you will move in "First Person View" - the game camera is following the moves of your head and all that stuff.

As it's our first 3d game, there was and is still a lot to learn (my partner needs to do intensive modelling, I need to grab some old school's math.. etc. :P) and yeah, we are doing great progress in things like collision detection and animating by Kinect. At the moment we don't share any media (screen and videos), as it is a huge construction area, but we'll soon start with releasing media for our followers.

We don't know when we will be able to release the game, but don't expect it too early, especially not in this year as we don't have that much time all-day. We are not using any game engine or game physics for now - this fact also slow down things in progress, but hey - it's just about learning ;-) The game will be released for PC and Xbox 360 and can be purchased for a less price (I think something like 5$ - 10$, it depends on the quality we can provide).

If you are interested into our project (even if you don't own a Kinect), then you can follow this topic or on one of those sites:

More information soon.
Thanks for reading and have fun ;-)
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