How to use bots online [COD4]

How to use bots online [COD4]

Postby HazewinDog » 26.10.2009, 19:43

Hey everyone!

In this tutorial ill show you how to use bots online

1. Download the bots file
[Here the download link: *click*
2. Go to your main COD4 directory
[Default: C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\]
3. Go to the folder called Mods and create a folder called BOTS
[If th folder "Mods" doesnt exist, create it in the main directory]
4. Put the 3 files in the just created folder
5. Run COD4 Multiplayer
6. Disable punkbuster in options
7. Go to "Mods" and doubleclick "Bots"
8. Now host a game
[Make sure the gamemode is "Free for all", otherwise this wont work, also remember the maximum number of players you allowed]
9. Open the console and enter: "\svr_bots NUMBER"
[NUMBER is the number of bots you want to be in your host]

NOTE: If this does not work for you try putting "set" before the command, eg: "\set svr_bots NUMBER"

Thats it, you can play online with bots now!

If you want to know how to install maps, follow the following tutorial: *click*
If you want to know how to use custom maps online, follow the following tutorial: *click*

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