order tiles into fields.cat

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order tiles into fields.cat

Postby alan » 05.06.2009, 15:17

sorry, my english is not perfect, i'm german. :oops:
you can find this data file in trkdata/editor. open this.
if it's your first tile, you should see a '12' at the top.
that's the number of categories in the track editor in crashday.
now write a '13' instead of a 12, when you create only one new category.
first look at the other categories to find out how they are built-on.
after this, you only must do the same. but change the name into the name of your tile
and change the cfl-data into yours.
1. copy the first line of another category, this line must include: Next:
2. one line below you must type-in the name of your category(can also be with color), so that it looks like this:
ex.: $ID trkdata/editor/fields.cat CategorySet1 #Name
3. one line below it is the number of cfl-datas in the category.
4. another line below, you type in your cfl name(ex: field.cfl)
5. press 'SPACE'
6. now are coming 3 numbers(between every one: another time'SPACE')
the first one is the x-axis.
the second one is the y-axis
just let the 3rd number as a '0'.
7. press 'SPACE'
8. type-in the name of your tile, this one will be shown in the track editor.
9. ready!!!

but now, I play:
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