Make Crashday 'better'

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Make Crashday 'better'

Postby DMA TAKE 2 » 19.07.2007, 19:41

Okay for this we need this files:
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Ok, in this Tutorial i will explain you a littel bit of the 'game.dbs'.
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Tires.OverallGrassGripFactor   0.7

here you can change the Grip on Grass
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Tires.TractionLimitFactor   1.0

Max Traction form the Wheels *yeah*
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Tires.WheelTurnSpeedFactor   0.5      #0.9

Speed Factor voor the Wheels ;P
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Tires.MaxWheelTurnFactor   1.5      #1.5 #1.0

max. factor

Damage.* is voor the damage your car can became :)

Minigun.* is voor the Minigun , here you can change the Ammo and so on

Recover.* what cost a recover *0$ ;P*

Sorce.* you became when you finished a game ;) or when you wrecked anyone!

Physik.* voor the Physik (Flying and so on)

Defaults.* are the standert Option!

In the next Time i explain you more ;)
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