Lighting Guide for Custom Track Pieces

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Lighting Guide for Custom Track Pieces

Postby pioj » 12.12.2010, 20:21

Hi! I've been doing some tests to see how lights work in Crashday after exported from 3dsmax. Here are the tips:

This guide used a custom created tunel piece as reference. The measures are 1x1 tile (20m x 20m) and the tunnel bottom is located at -30m. The ceil of the tunel is located at -20, which give us a 10m height tunel. The standard Crashday tunel is about 8m...

I've recently discovered that -30.0m is the theorical bottom limit for the cars. Anything below that value makes the game understand your car is falling to infinite and performs an 'Auto-Recovery' for relocating the car.

In 3dsmax (any version will work):

    Omni lights are supported. DromEd told me he uses another type, so I understand any type of light will work if it shares the same properties.
  • Try to position your light within a range between the ceil and the height center of your piece. Otherwise is more difficult to notice.
  • Light Type check must be marked on.
  • Shadows section is ignored.
  • Multiply factor is ignored.
  • Color: Any other color than black will work. Only RGB value is exported so the Saturation and Brightness are discarded. This affects how different the light appears in the game, compared to 3dsmax.
  • Decay section is ignored, BUT a reference file in the SDK shows a light in a tunel piece that is using the property TYPE: Inversed Square.
  • Near Attenuation section is ignored and doesn't affect nothing.
    Far Attenuation: It's the only important property you'll need to configure.
  • The Start property is not used at all, so you can ignore it.
  • The End property controls the range and intensity (brightness) of the light. A good range is within 60-300m for a 1x1 tile.
  • If you set a value below 60 you can't see the whole thing change at all. This also depends of the proportions of the enclosure where the light is.
  • If you set a value beyond 250 you could start to see the next tile also colored. Try to avoid a value that causes your neighbour tiles to be affected.

And that's all. I hope this guide may help you improve your tiles!
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